Sunday, March 6, 2011

Little Yellow Flowers

I see your picture and it hurts my chest.
I check my phone.
Mind games, they mess with me.
Should I be somewhere? I should text someone?
I don't like winter at all. At all.
In fact, I think I despise it.
Everything is dead.

For the first time, I am okay with it.
It suits my mood. 
It is so cold though. It is like everything I love just left.
My favorite thing. Wild flowers.
They are so simple. So happy.
They fill me with joy.
That is what I am like.
Just the little things is all.

I like to wear flowers in my hair.
Every day.
In the morning I wander outside in the sunshine.
Find the perfect little piece of joy.
I can't do that now.
Those little flowers.
Didn't even say goodbye.
They just up and left.

At least I know they will come back.
I just have to wait.
That is the only comfort.
Spring will come again.
Not everything is that way.
Soon there will come a day.
Little yellow flowers in my hair.

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