Saturday, March 5, 2011

Never Look Back

The road was dark in front of her.
Her headlights caught occasional glimpses of shining wetness.
Rivers streamed across her windshield as the wipers struggled to keep up.
She was tired.
The crazy life that she was running was beginning to etch its depths upon her.
The evening was deep, one of those nights where the silence seems to fill every space.

She loved driving at night.
The calm serenity that it brought her was like a momentary paradise.
The sound of the pouring rain almost drowned out the soft murmers of the radio.
But not enough.
She knew it before even the first measure of the song poured softly from her speakers.
Her hand, seemingly without permission, reached to the dash and welcomed the music to overcome the rain.

It filled her.
Immediately, the night became so much more dark and empty.
The rain seemed to be pouring into her very skin and running through her vains.
The song. Brushed against her heart and sank into arms, oh how they ached.
She thought she hated this song, but her ears drank in every word and tone.
She never hated it.

The rain poured, ringing loudly in her ears.
Pools flooded her eyes, she couldnt see the road.
Tears streamed silently down her cheeks, tracing her sorrows.
Like pieces of her broken heart that lay hidden, momentarily displayed.
Unable to compose herself, she pulled off the road.
Finally, she let go. The tears fell, finally able to free themselves.

She missed him.
Every single part of her.
She wiped the tears from her cheek, and ran her fingers down the window.
The cold glass.
She leaned the side of her head against it.
Maybe she could numb her breaking heart.

Driving home, the rain and her tears played a duet.
Stepping out of her car, she stood in the down pour in her driveway.
Looking up, she let the rain soak through her skin, washing away her tears.
She whispered something into the sky, the moon sitting misty behind the clouds.
After changing into her favorite shirt, she slipped between her covers shivering.
Her wet hair upon her pillow, she whispered, "Never look back".

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